King James Worthy: The New Definition of Millennial R&B Cool (Music Video)
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posted 24 Oct 2020 by Jonathan P-Wright
Possesses a very rare talent for converting vulnerable emotions into transparent expressions of romanticism.

I just landed in Miami, and I have the worst headache imaginable. Working 21 hours per day over the past 96 hours has taken its toll. But the saying is true: 'Heavy is the Head that wears the crown.' Flying first class on Delta has its perks, and this prime rib steak dinner is a clear reminder of why I remain loyal to the grind. During my flight, Jodeci's "Diary of a Mad Band" is my sleep therapy aid.

"Cry For You" is one of the greatest R&B tracks from the '90s and guaranteed to put anyone to sleep within 5 minutes.

Classic R&B music is the perfect antidote for migraines, broken hearts, and falling in love. As I enter my chauffeured Escalade ESV, the driver stores my luggage and provides a complimentary bottle of Deleon Tequila. I look at the driver and say, "how in the world did you know I needed this?". He smiled and said SLS Hotel ensures that every guest receives the highest level of service and amenities. Sometimes we forget the beauty of simple things like "consideration."

My driver asks me my music preference, and I request "Call On Me" by James Worthy featuring Sonna Rele. The piano chords and angelic voice of Sonna Rele feel like Halle Berry is whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I take a shot of Platinum Deleon and engulf myself into the sonic vibes. The lyrics elevate my energy and creates a luxurious ambiance within my mind. The entrance of James Worthy voice commands my immediate attention. There is an intriguing significance in his voice inflections, lyrical content, and emotional balance. James Worthy's music creates a signature style of R&B elegance.

I'm on my third shot of Deleon, and I switch tracks to "Move" featuring Ecstasy. The high-intensity beat production of "Move" makes me feel like I am moving thru Club "Liv" searching for Ms. Right. "Move" embodies the fast-paced nightlife of Miami and mesmerizes your imagination. The most potent element of "MOVE" is "CONFIDENCE." "Move" unlocks the inner "SHAFT" in every man and empowers them to conquer fears and approach their love interest without mental boundaries.

As I approach the SLS Hotel, my driver hands me a bottle of Aquahydrate and unloads my luggage. I thanked him for being a consummate professional and tipped him handsomely. The front desk staff warmly welcomes me to Miami and provides full concierge service.

The diverse staff ushers me up to my Premier Balcony Suite, which boasts ocean views of Miami in panoramic style.

I collapse on the bed and close my eyes in complete exhaustion. I adjust my Beats Pro earphones and play "This Wave" from James' album "Kaleidoscopes."

Sonically the track gives me that "Babyface" Never Keeping Secrets type vibe. James possesses a very rare talent for converting vulnerable emotions into transparent expressions of romanticism. The music of James Worthy enables listeners to mesh their reality and fantasy simultaneously via music. The track "This Wave" featuring "Truth Hurts" is another example of why he is "The New Definition of Millennial R&B Cool." His latest album, "Kaleidoscopes," is the perfect extension of "Blu Leisure."

Visit James on Instagram. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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