Indie Space Pop from Southern Oregon. - Slow Corpse: In My Head
posted 15 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
Puts a smooth guitar hook and a cozy vocal croon together with brassy waves of synthesizer and unctuous groove.

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Ashland-based Indietronica pioneers Slow Corpse just released their third single, "In My Head," from their forthcoming album "Bite Your Tongue." The video for this bouncy pop nugget was created by Swedish animator and YouTube content-creator Surreal Entertainment, and features indie-rock power couple Mitchell Winters & Brenton Clarke in a mix of digital effects and 3d rendering. The line between real and imagined is blurred as Slow Corpse navigates in waves of R&B, bedroom pop, and hip-hop, serving up a unique mix of lo-fi funk, honest lyrics, and psychedelic energy, along with a rugged bass and nimble groove.

In 2019, the Slow Corpse live band went separate ways, which opened up a whole new horizon for Winters & Clarke, who now have the opportunity to continue experimenting outside of any one specific style or genre. The sound here is more ambitious than earlier work: "Bite Your Tongue" finds Winters and Clarke at their most vulnerable, and perhaps most creative. In the midst of personal turmoil, failed relationships, and social isolation, the duo of Slow Corpse produced this album in their bedrooms during the Fall & Winter of 2019 and 2020, while enlisting some outside help in the form of Cameron Spies (Radiation City, Night Heron). "In My Head" is a fresh fix of electronic jams from the Pacific Northwest that puts a smooth guitar hook and a cozy vocal croon together with brassy waves of synthesizer and unctuous groove.

Written and Produced by Mitchell Winters and Brenton Clarke.

The album was mixed at Trash Treasury recording studio in Portland, OR and mastered by Nuri Hobbess (The Shivas, Night Heron).

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