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image for How Wildfires and Covid Changed Our Lives Completely.
Posted by Krister Axel
This one is written as a testimony to the power of family and personal conviction. We've given up a lot to get here, but we've gotten so much back in return.
Posted by Krister Axel
An All-Inclusive Caribbean Concert Vacation.
image for Why I Created GETSEEN. - A Short Tour of the CHILLFILTR Workflow.
Posted by Krister Axel
Email is broken. And a series of anonymous Airtable forms will only get you so far.
image for An Important Update: CHILLFILTR and Related Entities
Posted by Krister Axel
The goals have not changed, but the timeframe is now slightly different.
image for CHILLFILTR On Hold Until the New Year.
Posted by Krister Axel
I have a few more pieces to write, and then I will be taking a break until January.
image for Update for February. - Song Contest News, and Some Comments About the User Experience.
Posted by Krister Axel
Announcing our biggest contest yet, changes to the navigation experience, and a few notes for the future.
image for We Did It. - Welcome to CHILLFILTR 3.0
Posted by Krister Axel
This site now runs on Craft CMS, with assists from TailwindCSS and Servd.host - plus a whole bunch of cloud services.
image for Samantha Rice Creates New Lane of Monetization for Music Millennials
Posted by Jonathan P-Wright
Samantha' Patience Jay' Rice continues to create, innovate, and inspire Music Millennials to embrace their greatness.
image for Beyond Writer's Block. - I'm Sure Everything Will Be Back to Normal Soon.
Posted by Krister Axel
Maybe what I feel right now is how everyone feels, but that doesn't make me feel any less alone.