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image for Arista Newcomer Documents a Difficult Transition to Los Angeles. - Zach Hood: I Miss My Friends
Posted by Krister Axel
Zach focuses on telling a story with his songs: whether that be the wounds of his fractured family, the struggle to connect with a new environment, or simply the fantasy of leaning in to fame without a care in the world.
image for Arista Signs Young Alt Pop Phenom. - Listen to carolesdaughter: violent
Posted by Krister Axel
On her last trip to rehab, which lasted 6 months, she decided to bring a guitar with her. The rest is history.
image for Arista Records Prodigy from New Jersey. - Ant Saunders: Yellow Hearts (music video)
Posted by Krister Axel
Saunders delivers proof that pure and personal artistic expression can connect directly to fans around the world - no emojis needed.