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image for A Quick Look at Current Market Conditions. - Electric Boats and Personal Watercraft.
Posted by Krister Axel
2021 will be a banner year for introducing quiet, pollution-free electric motors to the market for small boats and PWC.
image for Indie Music Marketing Hacks For The Serious Artist
Posted by Jessica Helen Brant
Here are a few tips to help build on your audience, gain traction in the indie music sphere, and make the ride smoother for you.
image for Top 5 Reasons Why Radio.co is a Bad Choice for Music Broadcasters
Posted by Krister Axel
A point-by-point, technical discussion of the drawbacks to using radio.co to broadcast music.
image for You Don't Need Expensive Equipment to Make Amazing Music. - A Discussion of How Industry Standards Have Changed.
Posted by Krister Axel
Spotify gets 20,000 new song submissions every day. Having a nice microphone will not set you apart - but having a fresh and creative approach to working within your limits, whatever they are, will make all the difference.
image for The Affordable Housing of Tomorrow. - Boxabl Includes Luxury Finishes and High End Appliances with Innovative New Design.
Posted by Krister Axel
Boxabl is changing the market for prefabricated housing with their unique folding units that easily ship and unfold in just 2 hours.
image for Focus on Playlists. - Our Top Links for Apple Music
Posted by Krister Axel
Discover some new music that might be your next favorite. - on Apple Music.
image for Making the Transition to Soundiiz from Soundsgood. - The Good, the Bad, the Automatic
Posted by Krister Axel
For my top playlists, I use Soundiiz to automate a daily refresh from the Spotify master list to SoundCloud, Deezer, and YouTube music. Syncing with Apple Music is still done by hand.
image for Why SonicBids Is Just a Bad Copy of Reverb Nation
Posted by Krister Axel
The team at SonicBids has no intention of curating a useful experience for their subscribers - quite the opposite: they make every attempt to pump up the number of listings, with no regard for the business of communication, or properly setting expectations.
image for Seize the Moment - Lenses for Your Smartphone Camera
Posted by Krister Axel
This exciting new technology is enabling a whole new market for lenses, where an anamorphic lens used to cost thousands of dollars. Now you can have one for just over $100. What a world.