Introducing Ed Prosek: Man Overboard
posted 15 Jul 2023 by Krister Axel
Strikes a balance between chamber orchestration, intimate storytelling, and an organic production aesthetic.

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Born in California and now based in Berlin, classically trained singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ed Prozac ponders his place in the world on his new EP "The Foreigner," out now on Nettwerk Records. Raised by a Czech father and an Italian mother, Ed's roots have always stretched deep into the old world. Getting his start with classical trumpet at an early age, he eventually made his way to the world-renowned San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

After beginning with a few independent releases, his 2016 EP "Truth" captured the public with the love song "Holy Water" as Ed followed in the footsteps of of Los Angeles contemporary Luke Sital-Singh—striking a balance between chamber orchestration, intimate storytelling, and an organic production aesthetic. "Man Overboard" brings an ever-present acoustic guitar together with subtle notes on the acoustic piano, a heartbeat kick drum, and a cathartic chorus. The hints of banjo lurking just behind the verses provide an interesting contrast against the sense of personal reflection. With youth comes the illusion of simplicity, as Ed provides an extended metaphor that compares life to the process of treading water; at some point, we all wrestle with the distance between thriving, on the one hand, and survival, on the other.

Just like a ship without an anchor
You drift until you're pulled into a storm

The world looks better when you're under
You just keep reaching for that old rip cord

So if you feel like you've been sinking
Oh my darling take my hand and sink with me

Oh I don't mind where we're headed to
I just wanna feel something new
So won't you hold me close as the tide rolls in
Lord only knows if we'll sink or swim

Oh my lord
I've been feeling like a man

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