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Art is truth.

image for Modern Soul and Indie Pop. - Introducing The Lovelines: Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower
Posted by Krister Axel
An enigmatic and satisfying exploration of the intersection between sexuality and visceral symbolism.
image for Guitar Driven Rock and Folk from the Streets of Brooklyn. - Skinny Dippers: Night To Day
Posted by Krister Axel
A soundtrack for the moment we become one with the city—relinquishing control of our heart and mind to the forces of love and destiny.
image for Organic and Contemporary Downtempo from Leeds. - Dokkodo Sounds: Erase Me
Posted by Krister Axel
This lush and inviting track washes over you like a cold waterfall on a hot summer day.
image for Indie Pop FFO Alicia Keys. - Estella Dawn: Easy To Fall
Posted by Krister Axel
Dedicates a moment to the inexplicable loss of desire that can result from a process of growing apart while leaving plenty of room for a fresh start.
image for Versatile Soul Pop from New Jersey Songwriter. - Matt Hartke: Life Is Strange
Posted by Krister Axel
Strikes a lively pose with a nod to classic foot-stomping soul from the likes of Raphael Saadiq.
image for Canada’s Latest Soul Pop Phenom. - Introducing Olivia Penalva: Judge Away
Posted by Krister Axel
A veteran of both American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Penalva has one of those voices that will immediately find a way into your heart.
image for Innovative Duo Hails from the Banks of North Carolina’s Eno River. - Violet Bell: Meet Me in the Garden
Posted by Krister Axel
Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez tap into a thread of untamable energy and natural magic that extends from a shared reverence for the traditions of roots music.
image for Nashville Indie Pop Album Debut. - Introducing Callen: Love Myself Alone
Posted by Krister Axel
A universal soundtrack to the introspective catharsis that you didn't know you were looking for.
image for Bedroom Pop from New York. - Introducing juno roome: just like before
Posted by Krister Axel
Delivers a fitting homage to the long trajectory of love.

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