The CHILLFILTR Review showcases hand-picked short stories, essays, and poems from around the world.

Submissions will open again later in the year, but the format will be different. We are building out a submission platform from within the CHILLFILTR application so that you can receive instant updates about your status. Thanks for your patience!


Moon Madlings

Some people don't think anyone lives at the three-way juncture where Cyndi Lauper meets Nirvana meets Jane Austen. Dana Miller does, however, reside there.

by Dana Miller

We have finally read through all the submissions of the last few months.

The level of quality and originality is always stunning to behold. Thank you to the hundreds of authors that submitted to us over the past six months.

by Krister Bjornson Axel


Memories of the conflict that ensued when a young boy's prim little grandmother decides to date again—and reveals a bit of her secret life in fascist Italy.

by Richard Risemberg

Testimony - Man of Letters

You have girded your loins in a most laughable way for this world.—Franz Kafka

by Alexander Jonathan Vidgop

Rabbit Husband Seeks Dragon Wife

A man's journey brings him to an island inhabited by fish-like dragon women who desire more than his figurative heart.

by Sarina Dorie


In the midst of repurposing an abandoned motel, a fledgling commune sacrifices its most innocent member to its cherished ideals.

by Christopher Chinchilla


People will treat you how they’ll treat you.

by Jessica Helen Brant

The Nights and Days of Umberto Solis

This is what happens when determination, reality and fuck-it-all collide.

by Marc Shapiro

Eat You Up

I was daydreaming when I was called down to the office for early dismissal. I ran there, excited about what Mom had up her sleeve.

by Sarah Fitzgerald