Send in Your Indie Music for a CHILLFILTR Write-Up

The CHILLFILTR song contest will open again later this summer.

We are here to help musical artists connect with an audience. We do that by writing blog features and curating playlists on Spotify.

The contest happens over two stages. Please read the instructions carefully if you are interested in participating.

First, every submission will be added to a contest page, and there will be a voting round. After that is finished, the top finishers from round 1 will be added to the 'Fresh Finds' playlist on CHILLFILTR Radio. For an hour every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (at 12pm PST) votes can be cast for round 2 artists by clicking the 'thumbs up' while their song is playing. Play times will be at random, but each track will be played at least once during that hour.

Downvotes will not be counted. At the end of the month, at least one winner will be selected, and they will receive more airplay and a playlist spot on Spotify and Apple Music, along with a winner's page like this one.

The contest is designed so that an artist with a smaller number of dedicated fans can still be very competitive against artists with a larger following.

For paid submissions, find us on SubmitHub.

Writers: use the write for us page.

About Donations

I cannot give any special consideration for donations. That being said, if you want to support what we do, click through below.

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Find Us on Submit Hub
Contest subs are turned off for the moment so we can catch up on our backlog of submissions. Check back in May for the next contest.