Dream Pop Maestro Returns with New Teaser. - A Beacon School: Dot
posted 09 Apr 2022 by Krister Axel
Pulls effortlessly on our heart strings with a combination of enchanting groove, springy tones, and hypnotic vocals.

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A Beacon School returns to the spotlight with the first release in three years. Since the success of his full-length debut, Cola, New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith has continued to build his musical signature with uptempo, jangly pop nuggets and lush waves of dreamy shoegaze.

Smith began making music in 2009, delivering his first home-recorded demo single in 2011. Since then he's built a full band lineup around his songs, touring regularly in the northeast and finally connecting with Philly-based indie label Grind Select for the release of "Cola." Latest release "Dot" signals that a long-awaited new full-length release is on the horizon, as Smith teases us with a little taste of what he's been working on. Building on the anticipation of a drawn out, instrumental introduction, "Dot" finally blooms right at the 1.5 minute mark into the swirling soundscape of ethereal vocals and a shuffled drum pocket, just to fade once again after two more minutes into another dynamic interlude. Smith demonstrates his undeniable prowess as both composer and performer, pulling effortlessly on our heart strings with his combination of enchanting groove, springy tones, and hypnotic vocals. "Dot" fits comfortably in the same stylistic neighborhood as Dream Pop contemporaries Slowdive and Alvvays with fuzzy, feel-good melodies and a hint of warm, sun-kissed psychedelia.

Patrick J. Smith's previous credits include playing with Modern Rivals, BLUFFING and Fiasco.

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