A Beautiful Indie Rock Catharsis. - Isla June: Knew You When
posted 05 Jan 2019 by Krister Axel
A release from our memories, and the power they hold over us.

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This feels like a moment of letting go; a release from our memories, and the power they hold over us. Isla June uses her single Knew You When to turn a new page, honor the past, and attend to the present.

Drawing on references like Phoebe Bridgers, Tennis, and Haim, there is a true band feel at the heart of this production: that ineffable soul that lives at the intersection of a drum groove, a bass line, and an atmospheric guitar. The sound here is very alive, and very performance-oriented, so that when the final build happens, and the horns come in, it is as if the clouds have lifted from a cleansing rain.

I don’t know you anymore
I can say I knew you when
away in my head, away in my head
faded in the rear-view
of teenage memory

Isla June processes a painful past, and finds a kind of analytical strength in the process. We are invited to spend a few powerful and bittersweet minutes inspecting her beautiful catharsis.

ISLA JUNE is the dreamy new project of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Jenna Maranga. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

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