Sharp Electro Pop from Seattle. - Adason: Lying Eyes (with Hannah Decker)
posted 23 Jan 2020 by Krister Axel
Brings together the best of electronic pop with a lyrical exposé of the deceitful world of romantic courtship.

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Adason wrote "Lying Eyes" via FaceTime with his friend and co-conspirator Eli, motivated by the desire to simply connect with music fans in a way that illuminates a part of their life or experience. From an early career making bootleg remixes, to a subsequent step-up towards production duties for artists all over the US, Adason has finally figured out the kind of music he wants to dedicate himself to making.

With the idea in his mind to find a singer with the same kind of timbre to her voice as Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), he was introduced to Hannah through a bandmate of hers that happened to be a friend. She took the melody and lyrics from the session with Eli and injected her own style, in a way that at the same time pays respect to the original concept. The result is a sharp collaboration that leverages the aesthetics of electro-pop while also staying close to a melodic indie-folk vibe, combining a natural ability to convey emotion with a great sense of pitch and amazing vocal control. "Lying Eyes" brings together the best of electronic pop with a lyrical exposé of the deceitful world of romantic courtship - in the end it is a song of redemption, as we understand that not everyone has the best intentions. In the moment, we have no choice but to trust our instincts.

Adason discovered Hannah via her a cappella group, The Riveters. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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