AIR APPARENT Drops New Single in a Collaboration with Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross: All By Yourself
posted 09 Nov 2021 by Krister Axel
If we all took ownership of our own mistakes, the world would be much easier to navigate for those of us still looking for a romantic connection.

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We've written about AIR APPARENT before—he is a prolific Indian-American producer originally from Atlanta, Georgia who is now based in San Francisco. After testing the waters with his first track "Before It Gets Dark (Unfold Me)" featuring vocalist Michelle Lu, Air Apparent followed up with debut EP "Imaginary" and a very successful 7-track sophomore EP "Color Dreams" in 2019 which yielded his top single "Asking You."

His style of production is both eclectic and laser-focused on the craft of songwriting as he combines sticky beats with flowing pop melodies that truly celebrate the unique sensibilities of each artist that he works with. "All By Yourself" benefits from a double collaboration with rising stars Krysta Youngs and Julie Ross—both of whom can claim writing credit with BTS, among many others—adding a luxurious veneer of pure pop energy and gorgeous vocal performance to the dance-inspired production aesthetic. With "All By Yourself" AIR APPARENT delivers yet another electronic gem by stacking layers of synth hooks against a subtle groove and a theme of personal redemption. If we all took ownership of our own mistakes, the world would be much easier to navigate for those of us still looking for a romantic connection. Sometimes the only option is to walk way with your head held high.

I remember when your touch was cold
So I put my winter coat back on
Ya my heart turned off
I couldn't get over the chill
Once the truth came out my trust was gone
I couldn't turn the heat back on
I've been wondering if I coulda' done things better
Turns out without you I'm a whole lot better

More importantly than the individual song, I really want to help bring more of an Asian identity into popular music. Nearly every culture has rich musical traditions but somehow Asians still constitute a tiny minority among musical artists in America. In addition, among many of my Asian peers, we’ve found that creative careers like making music are often perceived in the culture as career choices that are nonviable at best and lazy at worst. I hope that by creating great music, I can help raise awareness of other identities and experiences in the music industry and also encourage others to showcase their art. — Air Apparent

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