Spiritual Truth in a Song. - Aisha Badru: Enough
posted 28 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
Reminds us of the simple truth that we all belong here.

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There is a very soothing and spiritual quality to the hushed tones of Aisha Badru’s voice, coupled here a downtempo groove and a beautifully ambient and shimmering downpour of samples and luscious effect. Badru offers a helping hand to anyone struggling to understand their purpose in life.

We can start with the premise that everyone has something to aspire to, and sometimes a negative experience can show us the way forward.

If it didn’t hurt would you be this strong now?

For this meditative and spiritual songwriter, pain is the door through which we have access to more of ourselves, more of the grit, and more of the wisdom that has lived between us since the dawn of humanity. Pain, like medicine, can be be both poison and tonic.

Nobody can hear the pain but it hurts so loud

The fear, the hurt, the hardship - they can all be worth something when we find a way to continue to be inspired. The only real failure there is in life is when we give up. Enough, the latest from Aisha Badru, reminds us of the simple truth that we all belong here.

Aisha Badru releases her new EP Road to Self, available everywhere June 7, on Nettwerk Records. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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