Nashville Indie Pop. - Alexander Wren: The Good In Goodbye (Alternate Version)
posted 25 Oct 2019 by Krister Axel
In finding his way towards personal expression, Wren stumbled on this story of heartbreak and realized that it was universal.

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First released in September of 2016, The Good in Goodbye marks the beginning of one midwestern boy’s journey of hard-won determination to find his own voice, and do it on his own terms. In finding his way towards personal expression, Wren stumbled on this story of heartbreak and realized that it was universal: every one of us has had to face off against rejection, in some form.

Growing up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Alexander had musical parents and a quick introduction to the glories of Ray Charles, Blind Willie Johnson, Billie Holiday and Eric Clapton, among many others. An eclectic range of heartfelt soul and pop records informs the Alexander Wren aesthetic to this day, as Alex spent his high school years traveling back and forth to Nashville to record the songs he’d been writing since junior high. When he auditioned for American Idol right after high-school and made it through to the Hollywood auditions, no one was really surprised. After the American Idol experience came and went, Alex was reminded of a lesson from his father about the importance of perseverance and a strong work-ethic, one that has never left him. As Alexander explains simply: the will must exceed the skill. His sophomore EP, 'Assorted Love Songs' is available now via Nashville based label, Peptalk Presents. This new version of his most popular song injects the sound of Americana into this personal introspection, while maintaining the sparsity and elegant moodiness of the original track.

Got a slow dance to take with these half empty sheets
A kiss with her ghost in the passenger’s seat
Yah, I keep on wonderin' if maybe she still thinks of me

Produced & Mixed by Micah Tawlks. Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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