Allan Rayman - Stitch
posted 16 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
An upbeat, riff-happy burner about exploring the world, one outfit at a time.

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Allan Rayman is a singer and songwriter who has released three projects - Hotel Allan, Roadhouse 01 and Courtney. With a headline tour of Europe coming up, his music is ready to reach a wider audience and Stitch will be the track to do that for him.

Although his earlier projects have already given him somewhat of a cult following, not much is known about the young man. Today, Allan Rayman releases his new single and video for Stitch via Republic Records/KIDinaKORNER, which was produced by GRAMMY Award winning producer Alex da Kid and mixed by GRAMMY Award winning mixer Manny Marroquin. The video was directed by Steph Verschuren. Stitch is the lead single off Rayman’s upcoming album, CHRISTIAN, to be released later this year. The video features Canadian designer Daniel Gregory Natale and shows Allan following Daniel as he brings his designs to life with a full runway show.

Rayman brings a unique vocal style and production instinct to the indie rock space, while Stitch makes equal use of a pick-heavy bass line and hip-hop beat, which gives the track both a rock feel and a deep sense of swing. With a long-form metaphor about people as clothing, we explore the ready-to-wear relationship, and the lessons we learn from deliberately wearing out the wrong thing. Stitch is an upbeat, riff-happy burner about exploring the world, one outfit at a time.

Singer/songwriter Allan Rayman is based in Toronto. This song is featured on our Roots collection playlist.

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