Electro-Pop from London. - Listen to Arlo: Changing
posted 26 Apr 2019 by Krister Axel
An energetic electro-pop number about embracing the crazy that we call life.

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Arlo’s blend of soul with electronic pop has always had a unique take on groove, and his vocal delivery feels perfectly attuned to the beat. The harmony that accompanies him is typically sparse; the raw juxtaposition between lead vocal and rhythm yields rich rewards, and the production flourish that fills the rest of the space is laser-like in its austerity.

Changing is a powerful and percussive dance-track, with a short-form syncopation, and a rap-flow for the bridge from Chicago MC and poet Mick Jenkins. The arrangement points directly to the hook’s celebration of diversity, which also reminds us that in order to embrace change, we must join the dance.

Every day that I wake up
Say a prayer that I stay up

The latest drop from London-based electro-pop artist Arlo, entitled simple Changing, is an energetic electro-pop number about embracing the crazy that we call life.

On the back of a stellar 2018 which saw him rack up millions of streams online and sell out his first two London shows at Camden Assembly and The Waiting Room, East-London-based left-pop newcomer ARLO makes his entrance into 2019 with Changing, an intricate collaboration with Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Soul playlist.

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