Digital Roots Pop Written by Artificial Intelligence. - AUDOIR: Let Our Dreams Fall Down
posted 21 Mar 2021 by Krister Axel
Can you really tell that this song wasn't written by a human?

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AUDOIR is an AI music technology company with a focus on enhancing the creativity of artists by offering a suite of tools that can help in the creation of melodies, chords, and lyrics. "Let Our Dreams Fall Down" is one of the first indie rock songs to be written with AI technology. The theme of this roots-driven track explores the way that we learn to let go of our dreams once we've outgrown them.

Written by Artificial Intelligence, but performed by humans, this song extends a collective sensibility from the existing canon of mainstream pop. Fragments of hit songs have been collected and reanimated as a new original work. Although the human element of ingenuity and inspiration will always be a necessary component of the music writing process, it seems clear that the hybrid approach of computer-assisted composition is an increasingly viable strategy for new and seasoned artists alike.

I, for one, welcome our new digital overlords.

Listen, and close your eyes. Can you really tell that this song wasn't written by a human?

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