Powerful Indie Pop from Tallahassee for Fans of Big Thief. - bandanna: Epilogue
posted 04 Jan 2020 by Krister Axel
The truth is a poor substitute for self-congratulation, but it has a better shelf-life.

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This Tallahassee-based indie pop band formed in 2018 around Anna Griffith, guitarist and lead vocalist. After signing with Cat Family Records, Anna discovered bassist Tim Holder and drummer Nick Bell. A few months later, Mason Palanti joined on keyboard creating the current four-piece lineup for bandanna.

Their latest single "Epilogue" is about the process of evolving beyond the comfort of a childhood home, and the reluctance we often feel towards coming to terms with the naiveté of adolescence. Reinventing the values that we hold dear, yet still finding a way to remain true to the dream we have always had of ourselves, is a story of compromise. The truth is a poor substitute for self-congratulation, but it has a better shelf-life. Tackling deep and universal emotions with their intricate melodies and thoughtful lyrics, the sound of bandanna evokes the rich, sonic tapestry of Big Thief. Concerning everything from bicycles, to anxiety, to pet fish, the next release from bandanna entitled "uncertain/ty," coming soon from Cat Family Records, impresses with a unique and unforgettable take on dreamy, funky indie pop.

When the offbeats stop falling in time and
Become the rhythms of line after line
When you’re holding onto thinning threads
Wondering if all good things have met the end
Perhaps you’re in the epilogue

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