Indie-Folk Powerhouse Birdtalker Is set to Release Their Self-Titled Follow Up to 2018's "One."
posted 22 Oct 2021 by Krister Axel
Birdtalker blends a rediscovered sense of urgency with thoughtful lyrics and the kind of life experience that can only come from spending years on tour.

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The indie-folk powerhouse Birdtalker is back with a defiant song about breaking away from the stories you've been told and learning to trust your own instincts. Building on the success of their 2018 breakout album "One" this Nashville-based quintet has found the time in a packed schedule of nonstop touring and festival appearances to write and record their much-anticipated follow up. This time around—given the luxury of no deadlines, no restrictions, and a clear vision of where they wanted to go—Birdtalker has expanded their sonic palette, showcasing a confident and creative songcraft that has flourished organically from a place of freedom and personal exploration.

With support from Rolling Stone, NPR Music, Billboard, World Cafe, American Songwriter, and Relix, Birdtalker has touched a nerve in the folk-inspired pop space that stretches from The Lumineers to The Head and the Heart, blending a live-band feeling with prominent acoustic guitar and an effervescent sense of melody. Their self-titled sophomore album promises to be more of a great thing as Birdtalker fuses a rediscovered sense of purpose with thoughtful lyrics and the kind of life experience that can only come from spending years on tour. "I Know" features an enlightened, road-savvy grace as we learn the important lesson of following our heart wherever it leads us.

I was told that if I wanted life, to believe
In the answers not the questions I could conceive
But like a child falling back to no arms underneath
I dropped into the unrelenting world of in-between
Behind the questions there’s a murmur echoing
A wordless sentence in between the lines

This new record was made from a place where urgency and timeline were non-issues. It was strangely aligned for us to hole up, write, and get into the studio to make these songs. The freedom that space provided contributed to a lot of exploration and collaboration with the whole band in a way we had not yet experienced. I think the arrangements are cleverer, the lyrics feel more lived in, and the energy in the performances reflects the joy it was to create. — Birdtalker

The band is fronted by Zack and Dani Green, along with Brian Seligman (guitar), Jesse Baker (bass), and newcomer Chris Wilson (drums/percussion).

This fall, Birdtalker will hit the road on an extensive 30+ date nationwide tour in support of their new album. Watch their official tour announce video HERE. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, please visit

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