Anime Inspired Electro Pop from Tokyo. - Listen to Blanchehor: up
posted 27 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
Marries warm synth arpeggios with a dance-club beat and a naturally gorgeous lead vocal performance from Luschka.

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Following up on the success of their 2019 single release "let me know," Tokyo-based duo Blanchehor drops their latest electro-pop foray "up," a chilled-out, dance-friendly groove that explores the secret world of personal expectations, and the freedom that great music has the power to unleash.

Blanchehor was formed in 2019 by singer, songwriter, and producer Mashiro Shirakami, along with bilingual singer Luschka. Both are well-known inside the vocaloid and anime-related music scene. Released in conjunction with Warner Music, "up" is a dynamic and upbeat celebration of artistic ambition, set against an electronic production aesthetic that marries warm synth arpeggios with a dance club beat and a naturally gorgeous lead vocal performance from Luschka.

A prima ballerina
Dancing alone in the dark
So far from the arena

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