Start Your Day with Ibrik - Electronic Instrumental from Bonobo
posted 01 Mar 2019 by Krister Axel
A delicious combination of trip-hip, nu jazz, and downtempo flair. --- Photo credit: Krists Luhaers

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In the world of instrumental electronic dance music, there is only one Bonobo. A bit like Skrillex before him who contributed much to the evolution of dubstep and related genres, Bonobo ushers in a new age of what is possible for the rebirth of trip-hop.

Sometimes you just don’t want to hear any vocals; and Bonobo creates a full narrative aesthetic, a sense of purpose, and a barrage of aural scenes, from nothing but mind and sample. It’s breathtaking. There is also the feeling that this is the sound of a generation, the modern equivalent of what was once a ‘rave’ vibe: an insiders’ club, full of youthful delight and fresh energy.

Ibrik, the latest drop from Bonobo, is a delicious combination of trip-hop, nu jazz, and downtempo flair, with a sort of confidence and purity that can only come from being on top of your game.

Simon Green, known by his stage name Bonobo, is a British musician, producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. He debuted with a trip hop aesthetic, and has since explored more upbeat approaches as well as jazz and world music influences.

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