Dance-Pop for Fans of Shallou. - Listen to Ça: Rush
posted 11 May 2019 by Krister Axel
Combines a sharp groove-making prowess with undeniable pop appeal.

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Rush is a groovy vibe with a deep undercurrent of dance flavor coming from the subtle swing, and the delicate backbeat. Together with a soul-flavored lead vocal, and some creative use of sample-slicing, the pocket here combines a big 4-on-the-floor with an infectious hi-hat shuffle, resulting in a sound that seems to shake the very ground with inevitability.

The science of this production is on display, as musical parts breathe inside the arrangement with a stunning sense of poise. The stereo image feels perfectly assembled from distinct elements; the kick drum, the synth bass, the percussive additions, all feel present, and part of the magic. The purity of this electronic mojo creates a space in the world of Melodic House that will continue to connect new fans with this promising young producer. Lyrically, we explore the space between strangers, riding the wave of adrenalin that comes with meeting someone new.

Rush, the latest from London newcomer Ça, is a bouncy dance-track that might remind you of Shallou, combining a sharp groove-making prowess with undeniable pop appeal.

Raised in Ireland, formed in New York City, producer/DJ Ça became a new addition to the New York House Music scene in the summer months of 2018. Recently relocated to London, Ça is now on the cusp of releasing his own original music with a sound best described as Melodic House with pop roots. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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