Nashville Indie Pop Album Debut. - Introducing Callen: Love Myself Alone
posted 26 Apr 2022 by Krister Axel
A universal soundtrack to the introspective catharsis that you didn't know you were looking for.

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Callen is a singer-songwriter and producer originally from Dallas who settled in Nashville after spending some time writing songs and playing drums with various alternative rock and indie projects in the area. In 2018 he established himself as a producer with the independent release of "By My Side" which was featured on Trap Nation. The next year he became a Splice community event winner for Music Tech Fest with the original composition and debut as a vocalist, "Silver & Gold." Not long after signing a co-publishing agreement with Bailer Music in Nashville, Callen had his first major label release pass one million streams as a songwriter and producer with "Lion’s in the Sky (feat. Bryar) by Vion Konger."

Now, Callen is finally releasing his first full-length album. "Ghost Reflections" is an impeccably produced and deeply personal collection of songs that explores the cyclical patterns of an artistic life: ranging from themes of self-deprecation, coping mechanisms, and the path towards self love, this testament to the messy business of understanding oneself stands out as an honest and poignant retrospective. "Love Myself Alone" features a mesmerizing vocal presence from Callen as we witness the important realization that looking for external validation is ultimately a self-defeating instinct. Matched with layers of warm vocal harmony, an intricate backdrop of acoustic finger-style guitar, and plenty of subtle melodic hooks this self-affirming roots jam doubles as an anthem to the plucky rockstar that lives in all of us. "Love Myself Alone" is a universal soundtrack to the introspective catharsis that you didn't know you were looking for.

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