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posted 16 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Worthy spokesperson for a generation of unstoppable LGBTQ warriors.

You might recognize Caly Bevier from her viral America's Got Talent audition, during which she opened up about being a survivor of stage three ovarian cancer. On 2nd single Hate U Sometimes her emotional, honey-drenched vocal pairs well with the premise of this indie-pop catharsis: which is that acceptance, and the ability to be vulnerable, is what bridges the divide.

The core of a functional relationship is communication - just this kind of open discussion about how feelings can flip from love to loathing, and back again. An intimate exploration of the physical space between two lovers informs the music video, as well as a compelling use of color and a long look at Bevier’s youthful mojo. A fighting spirit and effortless melodic instinct have created a groundswell of support for her music, and her story as a cancer survivor has resonated with fans from around the world. This song and video do much to define her as worthy spokesperson for a generation of unstoppable LGBTQ warriors. By casting real-life boyfriend Sam as her love interest in the video - who recently transitioned from female to male - Bevier is able to tell a personal story, while also bringing a spotlight to her own LGBTQ community in an honest and pure way.

Caly made her television debut on Ellen DeGeneres following a viral video of her singing while going through chemotherapy. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

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