Boulder Songwriter Drops Synth Pop Masterpiece on Wolf Den Records. - Carolyn Hunter: Felt Like Love
posted 12 Dec 2021 by Krister Axel
Who really needs love when we can have so much fun just talking about it?

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Carolyn Hunter is a sought-after collaborator in the synth pop space who is known for her fairylike melodies. After years of musical and personal growth accompanying a strong movement practice, Carolyn has tapped into her feminine power while also discovering a love of electronic beats. Working with producer Julian Peterson of Wolf Den Studios in Longmont, Colorado, her new album "Lovelight" harnesses this newfound expressiveness with a fresh oeuvre of synth-folk-pop.

"Lovelight" is out now, and represents a true collaborative effort between Hunter and Peterson, the culmination of their best work together over the last few years. Latest single "Felt Like Love" explores her most intimate reflections and desires as vital components of the evolving sexuality that accompanies the process of finding your voice. This magical love poem combines a calculating savvy with the feathery touchstones of romantic innocence—at once cerebral, mechanical, and organically pure in a musical light show of tender aspiration and wistful passion. An impeccable production aesthetic completes the seance as we find Carolyn Hunter and friends frolicking on screen with an easy panache worthy of Maggie Rogers.

Who really needs love when we can have so much fun just talking about it?

A hummingbird, a butterfly
The last few minutes of sleep
I'm longing for the keeping of a thing that doesn't keep

Cold hard envy brings me to these knees of mine
Can you want more of something you've never tried

What was that
Felt like love
Landed on my shoulder
Then took off

"Lovelight" was mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio in Ottawa.

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