Yearning Chamber Pop from Amsterdam. - Celine Cairo: Overflow
posted 15 Sep 2021 by Krister Axel
Processes the aftermath of a lost love with intimacy and poise as Celine again proves that her personal blend of folk, pop, and electronic music has no parallel in the current landscape.

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We've written about Celine Cairo before (here and here) — she is an Amsterdam native with a gorgeous voice who grew up surrounded by an eclectic mix of different musical styles. Her father being a passionate amateur drummer, and her mother a fanatic music-lover, led to her receiving a gift on her 14th birthday that would change her life forever: her mom found an old classical guitar on the streets of Amsterdam and had it fixed up. Celine soon started writing her own songs and performing locally.

By the age of 18 Celine was playing small venues all over the Netherlands and won a local award that led to a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York. She went on to study music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and soon found her mentor in British artist and producer Fin Greenall (known to his friends as FINK). Her seminal debut full-length release "Free Fall" — produced by Bill Lefler — and top single "Hibernate" have solidified her status as one of Holland's most sought-after and intriguing performers.

"Overflow," the title track from her latest release, was written and recorded in London with producer Tim Bran and Celine's longtime band. This timeless triumph of nostalgic chamber pop finds Cairo elevating that quintessential moment of romantic self reflection into a crisis of regret and smothered yearning. It is this perfect synergy between an elegant vocal presence, savvy instincts as a songwriter, and top-notch production quality that gives Celine Cairo such an unmistakable musical signature. Her songs consistently deliver a dynamic and heartfelt range of emotions as she sheds light on unexplored facets of the human experience. "Overflow" processes the aftermath of a lost love with intimacy and poise as Celine again proves that her personal blend of folk, pop, and electronic music knows no parallel in the current landscape.

Eyes closed but I can't seem to calm down
In these streets I find it hard to breathe out
I miss you but I can't feel the pain
I'm lost in the crowd a million miles away

And I go up and down, up and down
Round and round I go
I run, I crawl, rise and fall
Ride the highs and lows

I wasn’t ready to let go
And now its all that I do
I want to know what it feels like
Caught in the over
Caught in the overflow

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