For Fans of Post Malone. - Chase Atlantic: HER
posted 06 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
A waking dream that joins passion with opulence and the innocence of youth.

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In a triumphant return with sophomore full-length record Phases, Chase Atlantic drops HER, the first single, and visits with a waking dream that joins passion with opulence and the innocence of youth. In a stunning video directed by Erik Rojas and Clinton Cave, we run with the young, beautiful, and financially untouchable: through the posh shops, the cobblestone walkways, and deep pockets of Beverly Hills.

We explore the fantasies of attraction and infinite power, in the effortless fusion of genre and aesthetic between the alt-pop and hip-hop of Post Malone and the rock flavor of YUNGBLUD. HER, the latest from Australia’s Chase Atlantic, closes the circle between bad parenting, the corrosive influence of money, and the opportunity for a young man to have the night of his life, while showcasing the rare beauty of talented newcomer Raelynn Harper.

Oh, think her boyfriend might be Christian Dior
I’m getting feelings that I didn’t before

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