Dalmatian Nation - A Collection of Dog Portraits on Open Sea and Singular
posted 19 Oct 2021 by Krister Axel
Where my dogs at?

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UPDATE: We removed this collection from Open Sea. It is now exclusive to Singular.


What a week it has been. Ever since I started investing in crypto, I have been increasingly exposed to the fascinating world of NFT art. Last week I had an idea about creating a series of procedurally generated dog portraits, and yesterday I launched a series of those on two different networks—the Polygon network and the Kusama/RMRK network. Just to make it clear from the beginning: we have five different attributes per NFT that can vary: background, dog (type), wearing (typically either a shirt or a necklace), accessory, and eyewear. My original creation features a large number of different possibilities for each attribute, which results in more than half a million potential combinations. Every dog on sale in either marketplace (OpenSea or Singular) is completely unique to both. There are no duplicates for sale—rest assured that the pawtriot you have purchased does not exist anywhere else on the internet.

I was going to delete the collection from OpenSea because the dogs have been selling so well on Singular, but the first one has been sold on OpenSea now as well so that collection must stand. Because the Singular marketplace does a great job of encouraging reverse image search, I have already had a request for clarification on Twitter. I hope this post will clear things up.

As it turns out, the OpenSea marketplace is very cluttered and it is nearly impossible for a new artist like me to gain traction. I am finding the Kusama/RMRK/Singular ecosystem to be much more friendly to new and breaking artists, so that is where I will be focusing my attention for the time being. I was encouraged to find my first pawtriot sell within minutes of listing, and since then the volume has been considerable. I can't express enough how validating that feels, and I am excited to continue to bring my new ideas to the Singular marketplace.

There are only two places to buy pawtriots from the original Dalmatian Nation series, and both collections are capped at 101 items. In the interest of preserving rarity, I am only releasing 202 of them into the wild.

If either collection sells out, I may choose to extend the brand by releasing another set in the same IP, but if this happens I will re-design all of the attributes. Under no circumstances will there ever be more than 202 total pawtriots released from the original series. Thank you so much for your support as I continue to live my dream of creating original art for this fascinating world of NFTs.

Dalmatian Nation on Singular

Dalmatian Nation is where dog lovers go to find their spirit animal.

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