Heartfelt Acoustic Folk from Hawaii. - Dayan Kai: Giving My Time Away
posted 24 Nov 2019 by Krister Axel
Showcases an effortless musicality and explores the enduring search for emotional truth.

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Dayan Kai’s golden spirit and deep insight into the human condition, combined with a soulful vocal and natural hand on the acoustic guitar, have made him a sought-after performer and collaborator in his native Hawaii. His words, wisdom, humor and talent deeply touch crowds across the world.

His willingness to delve deeply into the vulnerable core of his own life's experience, along with a world-weary yet eternally hopeful artistic sensibility, contribute to this gem of acoustic folk. Giving My Time Away, which was recorded live, showcases an effortless musicality and explores the enduring search for emotional truth.

And them children say such awful things
about the deeds that I have done
but they don’t know I was a daddy once
or how I lost my son
well they killed him in that first Bush war
and I still don’t know what for
now he’s gone and I’m still standing here
that’s just one of life’s closed doors

This song is featured on our Americana playlist, and was discovered through a partnership with ReverbNation.

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