Organic and Contemporary Downtempo from Leeds. - Dokkodo Sounds: Erase Me
posted 21 May 2022 by Krister Axel
This lush and inviting track washes over you like a cold waterfall on a hot summer day.

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Thomas Trueman is a prolific composer based in Leeds, UK, working in many different areas of Electronic Music. Dokkodo Sounds is his main artistic project—encompassing a broad soundscape that ranges between Lo Fi, Ambient, and Downtempo beats. Throughout his career he has released music with a number of labels: including Inner Ocean Records, College Music, Pueblo Vista and many more.

"Erase Me" is featured on his 2022 EP "No Feeling is Final" and features a washed-out, slightly broken vocal sample against a chill backdrop of electronic beats and hints of Balearic style. With a mix of organic sounds and contemporary production elements, this lush and inviting track washes over you like a cold waterfall on a hot summer day. Trueman is confidently hitting his stride with a few very productive years behind him, proving to himself and the rest of the world that consistency and hard work pays off in the end.

The name "Dokkodo Sounds" is derived from a book, The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone), which was written by one of the greatest swordsmen in 1645 Japan, Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote the book in preparation for his own death, and it contains 21 precepts on how to best live your life.

Thomas creates content and sample packs for Touch Loops, SoundGhost, Ampify (Novation / Focusrite) iOS Apps Launchpad and Blocs Wave. You may have also heard his music on sound libraries from EMI, Ninja Tune Production Music, WotNot (Cavendish), Felt, Apache and Pretty Decent Music, or syncs from Netflix, BBC, Channel 4 and MTV.

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