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posted 05 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Put it on.

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DVBBS - pronounced "dubs" - is a Canadian EDM duo formed in 2012, composed of brothers Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre, originally from Orangeville, Ontario. They have gone on to become one of the top EDM acts in the world, regularly performing at places like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music festival.

Their iconic anthem Tsunami dropped more than 5 years ago, and they have produced a steady stream of hot singles since then. 2017 saw their their first full-length release, entitled Blood Of My Blood, which included collaborations with CMC$, Cisco Adler, and 24hrs. The newest single GOMF features another collab, this time with BRIDGE.

GOMF, the latest single from DVBBS, reconnects us to that deep club sound, here with some added tropical flavor. The kick drum, the bass line, and the drone-like melody, all work together to build the driving pulse that will keep you on the dance floor at 3am. DVBBS have always had a knack for dropping new beats that feel like forever, and this is no exception. Put it on.

UPDATE: Since releasing the single, DVBBS have followed up with a music video for GOMF that features Instagram sensation Casey Frey.

I don’t show face
I keep my pace.
I get my way

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