Sweet Alt Folk from Philadelphia for Fans of Laura Marling. - Eliza Edens: Days, Nights
posted 27 Apr 2020 by Krister Axel
Provides a simple reassurance that what goes away inevitably comes back again.

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Eliza Edens is a Massachusetts-raised alt-folk artist who now calls Philadelphia home, and who creates her music in a world distinctly separate from the constraints and speed of modern living. Inspired by ideas of geologic time and the grandeur of nature, Edens brings her vision to life with a meditative and singular sense of purpose - which is to expose the challenges of early adulthood, and acknowledge the universal, emotional complexities of her own life in a way that leaves room for her listeners to bring their own experiences to the musical conversation.

"Days, Nights" is a reflection on memory and the inevitable passing of time that combines a pendulum-like figure on double bass with adventurous fingerpicking and an acoustic drum track that ticks away like the second hand on a majestic grandfather clock. The verses sweep through a tangle of anxieties, while the choruses provide a simple reassurance that what goes away inevitably comes back again. Eliza Edens' debut record "Time Away From Time" is out now, and discovers fresh sonic territory in the realm of traditional songwriting, while Eliza makes a strong first impression with a sweetly-understated vocal tone and a subtle vibrato that might remind you a bit of Laura Marling.

And when it's time I'll know to stay or follow
This winter could be spring tomorrow

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