Early Summer Grooves from New York City. - Gilligan Moss: Special Thing
posted 12 Jun 2021 by Krister Axel
What starts out simple, finishes up with full-on disco-funk madness.

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Gilligan Moss is Ben + Evan.

Their latest single is "Special Thing" — a shout-out to their French predecessors, robots and monoliths alike (wink-wink, Daft Punk). When Ben rescued this one from Evan’s trash pile, an epic feel-good groove was brought to life.

With an immediate mix of bird sounds, electric piano, and hand percussion, the big bass drop and four-on-floor from this eclectic track builds a welcome theme of carefree summer days. Grab yourself a cold one and head down to the beach to share this track with your friends. What starts out simple, finishes up with full-on disco-funk madness — which is just how we like it.

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