Redemptive Folk Pop from an ER Physician in Canada. - Grant Kennedy: Wait for Me
posted 23 Feb 2021 by Krister Axel
Explores the emotional toll of social isolation, and the power of companionship to heal and comfort a tired mind.

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Grant Kennedy is a singer-songwriter and emergency physician who found himself on the frontlines of the healthcare industry when the pandemic hit. It wasn't long before he turned to songwriting as a way of processing the stress that was building up, both for him and his wife who also works in the ER as a physician. Together, they learned firsthand about the negative effects that a high-pressure, life-or-death environment and minimal sleep can have on the body and mind.

Music has always been an outlet for Kennedy. Most of the songs off his new EP were written in 2020, during the dark and turbulent first few waves of COVID-19. After his debut album "HOME" was released in March, 2018, where Kennedy showcases his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist — playing guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and trumpet — standout track "Amsterdam" was embraced as an indie folk-pop hit, and has now been streamed over 150,000 times on social media, with plenty of radio play in Canada. Kennedy was also a finalist for Folk Recording of the Year at the Calgary Music Awards in 2018.

On "Wait for Me" — the latest single from his new EP "Away" — Kennedy adds additional elements of Hammond organ and a prominent kick-drum stomp. This wistful and organic track brings us back to the redemptive power of love, as he and his wife found solace in each other, riding out the lockdown together. It's a beautiful track that explores the emotional toll of social isolation, and the power of companionship to heal and comfort a tired mind.

And the town used to unwind me
But you know that it's hard letting it go
Breaking down this barricade
Just a foolish renegade

Grant Kennedy teamed up with Canadian music luminary Russell Broom to produce and bring his musical stories to life. "AWAY" was released on Friday, January 29th of this year.

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