Great New Songs Late Summer to Fall Edition
posted 18 Oct 2023 by Krister Axel
We laughed, we cried, and then it rained.

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I probably took too long to release this list, I had it ready weeks ago, but just kept getting a few more songs to add to it. I don't know where you are, but where I live summer is over and it is both cold and rainy.

Early nightfall. It begins.

The Numbers

I saw that I had added some listener stats to the last update, and I cannot resist the opportunity to keep that as a focus. Obviously, it matters a lot who is listening, so I'd like to make a habit of providing updates on that.

This broadcast is licensed through Live365, so that is where I have metrics from. Roughly speaking, a view of the last 30 days as compared to this summer shows a pretty solid increase in average listeners. This might be seasonal, which is a good reason to keep an eye on it year over year. Speaking for 2023, the average daily listener number was 35 over the summer & I think it's close to 60 now.

I remember in the summer of 2019, there were months with only a handful of unique listeners. So having around 60 daily listeners for our radio channel is amazing.

That will provide a nice baseline for when we roll out CHILLFILTR® 4.0 and start to ramp up our marketing once again.

Viv & Riley are back with a fun new release "Imaginary People" — as these roots-pop masters move subtly in the direction of a more lush and electric sound without losing sight of the melodic simplicity that made them great. With an equally confident step in the direction of Country for the title track, it's a home run around the bases of roots, pop, rock, and folk, from one of my personal faves.

Rosi Golan just got onto onto my radar (a few years later than I should admit); Margaret Glaspy has quietly become really a one-of-a-kind artist with the triple threat of a laser wit, amazing voice, and the kind of songwriting talent that makes you wish you'd written it, every time. Lydia Luce just dropped "Saline" which is upbeat, dance-friendly, and hints at a slight shift in mood from the one-time queen of brood-pop.

Sumbuck, Hiss Golden Messenger, Mick Flannery, there's just a lot of great music out at the moment. With so much crazy in the world, my only advice is to pray for peace in whatever way makes sense to you.

Latest Tracks Added to CHILLFILTR Radio

Hania Rani - A Day in Never
Hania Rani - Thin Line feat. Duncan Bellamy
Hania Rani - Dancing with Ghosts feat. Patrick Watson
Robert Finley - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
Hot Mustard_The Golden Beet
TOKiMONSTA - I Wish I Could (feat. Selah Sue)
Margo Cilker - Keep It on a Burner
Margo Cilker - Beggar for Your Love
Wednesday - Bath County
Wednesday - Got Shocked
Kevin Morby - Triumph
Fenne Lily - Map of Japan
Fenne Lily - In My Own Time
Mitski - I Love Me After You
Mitski - Buffalo Replaced
soccer mommy - Losing My Religion
soccer mommy - Here
The East Pointers - Wintergreen
The East Pointers - We Will Meet Again (feat. Rose Cousins)
Baba Sonya - Chemistry
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 13 Somehow -Explicit-
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 08 Trying
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 02 Changes
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 07 Sweet Symphony
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 05 Friends
Joy Oladokun - Proof Of Life -Explicit- - 01 Keeping The Light On
The Burma - Holiday
Jambal and Tristan de Liège - Collisions of Light
Hologramme - Slow
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - Minnesota
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - Morning Rain
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - Someone To Tell It To
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - Shalom
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - What They Say
Mick Flannery - Goodtime Charlie - The Fact ft. Valerie June
Renee and Friends featuring Ziggy Marley - kindred - 03 Where Do the Children Play-
Renee and Friends featuring Amelia Dektor - kindred - 02 super fragile world
Chris Stills - Leaving You Behind
Chris Stills - Say My Last Goodbye
Bellza - Stupid Words (Radio Edit)
Devendra Banhart - Golden Girls
Devendra Banhart - Fur Hildegard von Bingen
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump for Joy - 01 20 Years and a Nickel
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump for Joy - 06 Jesus Is Bored
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump for Joy - 02 Alice
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump for Joy - 04 Shinbone
Øfdream - Certain Degree
Sumbuck - Lucky --- Hey Honey
Sumbuck - Lucky --- Moss
Sumbuck - Oh Sweet Cafe Racer -- Spin
Sumbuck - Oh Sweet Cafe Racer -- Kissing Daisies
Sumbuck - Oh Sweet Cafe Racer -- Tigersharks
Sumbuck - Oh Sweet Cafe Racer -- Syzygy
Sumbuck - Oh Sweet Cafe Racer -- Kid
David Vertesi - Who Am I Now
Wild Rivers - Sidelines - 03 Long Time
Wild Rivers - Sidelines - 04 Stubborn Heart
Wild Rivers - Sidelines - 09 Neon Stars
Wild Rivers - Sidelines - 05 Amsterdam
Madison Cunningham - In From Japan
Madison Cunningham - Life According To Raechel
WIDOWSPEAK - The Good Ones
Brittain Ashford - Trotter - 04 Tea Leaves
Brittain Ashford - Trotter - 10 The Sway
Rising Appalachia - Catalyst
Rising Appalachia - Silver
Phillip LaRue - Ships
Gold Spectacles - Man or Machine
JENNY OWEN YOUNGS - Its Later Than You Think
Lydia Luce - Saline
Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond - 04 Irish Goodbye
Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond - 07 Turn The Engine
Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond - 02 Get Back
Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond - 06 Memories
Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond - 10 People Who Talk
Janet Panic - Hockey song
Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin - Little Things
Samian - 06 - SQ
Rosi Golan - Think of Me
Rosi Golan - Hazy
Rosi Golan - Can't Go Back
Viv & Riley - The Long Way
Viv & Riley - The General
Viv & Riley - Imaginary People
Viv & Riley - Kygers Hill
Viv & Riley - Flashing Lights

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