Rising Indie Pop Star from Norway Gears Up for Eurovision MGP. - Hazel: LIFETIME
posted 16 Feb 2021 by Krister Axel
An engaging and pop-friendly celebration of romance and the power of love to make everything all right.

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Hazel, a rising indie pop star in Europe, is getting ready to compete in Norway's Eurovision Melodi Grand Prix final this weekend. Her latest single "Lifetime" dropped last week and finds her inspired by personal experience, as she writes about love, happiness, the importance of appreciating the finer moments in life.

"Lifetime" was written by Hazel in Nashville, along with producers Dan Muckala and Kipp Williams, and songwriters Vanessa Campagna and Tommy Lee James. After Vanessa mentioned that she typically hates laying on someone’s chest and hearing their heart beat, but with her boyfriend, she loves it, "Lifetime" was born as a song about being in that bubble when there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Hazel is a 23-year old vocalist, recording artist and songwriter from Oslo, Norway. Her love of music started at an early age, and continued through high school. After graduating, she moved to Bergen where she began music studies at a renowned music school. After signing in 2018 with LA-based Norwegian music industry executive Erik Steigen as her manager, the focus has been on songwriting and artist development. While Hazel used to write all her own songs, she has recently been writing with established producers and artists all over Europe and the United States, while also attending many international songwriting camps. Her talent as an artist and collaborator is plain to see, as Hazel leverages a sultry lead vocal with her ability to find a common ground with listeners. "Lifetime" is an engaging and pop-friendly celebration of romance and the power of love to make everything all right.

When you find perfect, no
You don't let it go
I could spend a lifetime
Doing what we're doing right now

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