Toronto Indie Artist Honors the Memory of Beloved Grandmother. - His His: Sweet Company
posted 27 Jun 2021 by Krister Axel
Delivers a majestic and cathartic moment of eulogy that is nothing short of stunning.

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His His is the project of Toronto-based artist Aidan Belo. Combining delicate guitar lines with succinct, powerful lyricism, Belo created this project after relocating to his family’s hobby farm outside of the city — as a way to evoke something rural and honest. His His’s debut single titled "Matador" was released in October of last year.

"Sweet Company" is a song that was written after the passing of his beloved grandmother, who had a direct and prominent hand in raising both Aidan and his brother. After visiting the living room and kitchen where she would spend much of her time he was inspired to explore that feeling of loss, and of having an important part of life go missing. Although at times melancholic, "Sweet Company" turns away from sorrow, and towards acceptance and a profound sense of gratitude for the time spent together with the ones we love.

The minimal production here, coupled with a classic tube-sound on the electric guitar, brings back memories of bands like Travis and early Coldplay, with a laser focus on genuine emotion and natural tones. This stripped-down ballad deftly balances elements of rock and folk, with a haunting and deeply expressive vocal performance from Belo. This kind of heart-forward catharsis is what makes music the perfect medium for complicated emotion. Coupled with a gorgeous and understated Nordic folk-art album cover that depicts the street that Belo's grandmother grew up on, "Sweet Company" delivers a majestic and cathartic moment of eulogy that is nothing short of stunning.

"Sweet Company" was written and recorded with a simple set up of just a few microphones.

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