Wistful Electro Pop FFO Frank Ocean. - HOFFEY: Holiday
posted 01 Dec 2019 by Krister Axel
A relaxed and wistful sound that brings together a bouncy groove with the magic of true love.

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HOFFEY is an indie-electronic duo based out of Vancouver, Canada consisting of songwriters Jordan and Erika Toohey. While writing and performing songs together, they came to the realization that the obvious chemistry in their music was a sign that they should be together. In 2016 the couple married and formed HOFFEY, a portmanteau of their last names Hoffmann and Toohey.

Their new single 'Holiday' is a nostalgic electro-pop track about needing a break from real life. As a writing duo, HOFFEY has created a dynamic together that incorporates elements of jazz, pop, and RnB. Erika delivers a sultry lead vocal, while Jordan's vocal style complements the smooth vibe with a syncopated, spoken-word flavor. HOFFEY’s music is reflective of their journey in life as a couple and much of their experiences together, as 'Holiday' explores a bleak moment early in the relationship when they lived in an abysmal apartment for a year. The duo explains, “‘Holiday’ is a song most people can relate to — where you've been working at the same job, doing the same shit every day — to the point where you might lose your mind. This song is really about taking that dream vacation, so you can feel refreshed, renewed, and be a better version of yourself.” HOFFEY showcases a relaxed and wistful sound, that brings together a bouncy groove with the magic of true love, perfect for fans of Frank Ocean.

I could be your lover, with me everyday is summer
If you like it then I’m on it whatever you wanna

HOFFEY is an indie-electronic duo based out of Vancouver, Canada. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

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