Ambient Music from Melbourne Mimics the Sound of a Sunrise. - IKSRE: August
posted 02 May 2020 by Krister Axel
Offers us the strength to live beyond a temporary darkness, one moment at a time.

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"August" is the latest release from Naarm/Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Phoebe Dubar, who performs as IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere). This meditative and soothing track features lush synths, layered vocals, binaural beats, and field recordings of Melbourne’s winter wildlife.

August is the end of winter in Melbourne, and this track was written during the coldest month before spring. Dubar sees the beauty in that 'darkest hour before the dawn,' as it presages the hopeful beauty of a glimmer of sunshine, and she delivers a deep and swirling soundscape that draws on the contrast between muffled constriction and fluid, effortless freedom. New release "August" builds redemption from a sense of longing, as IKSRE mimics the cinematic, pulsating sound of a warm sunrise. This dynamic mix of ambient electronica with hints of orchestral embellishment and ethereal vocals, finishing with the crisp sound of morning birds, offers us the strength to live beyond a temporary darkness, one moment at a time.

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