Introducing Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners
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posted 16 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Cryptic and visual, as well as informed by a sharp creativity.

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Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners are an indie folk band based in Colorado. After releasing their debut album on their high school graduation, having recorded it in a closet, the next year they struck a deal with their manager Duncan Ervin.

This year they are supporting their third release, Subliming, and the sound is a mix of alt-country and folk influences, with an electric band-feel that might remind you a little of My Morning Jacket. On their lead single Wet Socks, the mix is light but choppy, while the airy vocals float in and out of context against the boomy drums and dirty guitar. Coming in at under 2 and a half minutes, it makes for a wonderful introduction to the unique sensibility of this exciting young band, and leaves you wanting more.

UPDATE: We made a lyric video for Wet Socks.

The next feature we have for you is BC, Victoria, which extends the sensibility of this band into the mid-tempo swing of a romantic reminiscence, torn from the difficult pages of the past. The balance between the distinct parts of the 4-piece band creates a dynamic that is both personal and exciting. Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners is on a very short list of bands whose lyrics I can’t hear very well, but I don’t care. It’s the vibe, Mo. From what I was able to find on genius, there are some nice turns of phrase - like the line below from BC, Victoria, which feels both cryptic and visual, as well as informed by a sharp creativity. Because the language is so sparse, it feels very universal.

Winter mornings hit
White sun turned coffee to blood

The energy from Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners feels fresh, and the production is painstakingly-crafted. With two albums already behind them, and a newly evolved aesthetic, their third release Subliming is one to watch.

Longtime friends Mitch "eat a whole package of grapes in a single day" Cutts, Nic "Richy Mitch" Haughn, Jakob "Cashew" Ervin, and Ryan "Yung Craigslist" Lavallee founded Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners in 2015 after Nic & Mitch got way too good at guitar hero and decided to start learning real instruments. Wet Socks is featured on our Roots Collection playlist. BC, Victoria is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.

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