Nashville Phenom Signs with Timberlake's Villa 40. - Ivory Layne: Lonely Hearts
posted 13 Apr 2021 by Krister Axel
Delivers a fresh take on intimate lyricism, thriving at the intersection of Country music, soul, and blockbuster pop.

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Rising Nashville-based singer songwriter Ivory Layne released her debut EP "Confetti" earlier this year, alongside focus track "Lonely Hearts," and simply put, we are in love with her vocal presence. The new EP includes critically-acclaimed singles "December," a surging rush of modern-day soul pop, and Layne’s rousing feminist anthem "God Save The Queens"—but our favorite track on the EP has to be the piano-led magic of this anthem to romantic sorrow.

With a soaring, melody-first aesthetic and a healthy dose of production polish, "Lonely Hearts" features a sublime combination of classic songwriting and widescreen production that places her in the sphere of contemporary pop polymaths like Maggie Rogers and Adele. Her final ascent to a-list stardom is just around the corner as she delivers a fresh take on intimate lyricism that thrives at the intersection of Country music, soul, and blockbuster pop.

'In a world constantly asking "what do you believe?," I see the Confetti EP as my answer. It’s been my musical collection of lessons learned over the last seven years, touching on themes of personal growth, heartbreak, love, mental health, and letting go. I began this EP having barely co-written, never been in a relationship, still new to Nashville, and with one academic trip abroad under my belt. I finished writing it last year in London, having visited so many times it felt like home, crafting songs about dates gone wrong for the right reasons and the beauty found in every season when you take the time to look. I’m still writing as I’m living, it’s the nature of art itself, but the Confetti EP will always hold a special place as the diary of my early twenties, where I’ve been and where I want to go. — Ivory Lane

Produced by Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway aka The Barn Productions (Lewis Capaldi, Gabrielle Aplin, Dean Lewis), Jimmy Robbins (Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert), and Ivory herself, the Confetti EP is Ivory's first UK release since signing with Justin Timberlake’s development company Villa 40.

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