JC Stewart - Bones
posted 28 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Just a young man's voice and 6 steel strings, making sense from the pain of heartbreak.

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With a string of sold-out shows at The Islington in London coming up for September, self-confessed professional sadboy JC Stewart is ready to soak up just a little bit of sunshine. This young artist from Northern Ireland shares an acoustic performance of his new single Bones.

The music video was filmed by Jackson Ducasse on the outskirts of London in a voyeuristic style, capturing Stewart's soaring soulful power with an emotional resonance that breathes life into the lovelorn premise of the song itself. We observe the emotional underpinnings of a delicate vulnerability, juxtaposed against the faded-out background-bustle of the city just before dusk. Stewart cites diverse influences such as James Blake, Hozier, Tom Waits, and The Band, while he crafts a song born from his own experiences with a tough breakup. Bones originated as a co-write with Sam Merrifield and Dirty Hit artist Benjamin Francis Leftwich. The studio version of this track is climbing the charts behind previous stand-outs Like I Did, Medicine, and Have You Had Enough Wine?, while on this version of Bones we pivot towards an acoustic guitar and single-take vocal performance: just a young man's voice and 6 steel strings, making sense from the pain of heartbreak.

JC Stewart has had a summer to smile about. His recent single Have You Had Enough Wine? earned Radio 1 plays from Scott Mills, in their Best New Pop Show and was named one of their best new pop songs of June, as well as praise from Niall Horan.

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