Sentimental Country Pop from Nashville. - Jennafer Lynsey: Click
posted 05 Jul 2020 by Krister Axel
The future looks sweet for this young and bright-eyed pop phenom who just keeps writing hits.

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Country-pop star Jennafer Lynsey left college life behind when she moved away from her hometown in Buffalo, NY to launch a career in Nashville as a singer-songwriter. Since making that decision, Jennafer has made her presence known with over 23,000 followers on social media and more than 400,000 spins on digital platforms - and she is just getting started.

Following up on the success of previous releases like "Sensitive" and "One By One," Jennafer Lynsey's new single "Click" is all about good love and instant chemistry. This sweet mix of acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals combines with a big chorus hook to provide an intimate glimpse into a hopeless romantic’s dream-come-true. Sometimes, the connection between two people is just meant to be.

After making a splash with her new music on Country WYRK 106.5's widely-popular radio show Clay & Company, Jennafer Lynsey is excited to connect with her new fans. With a goal of racking up 100k streams on Spotify for her new single, she is already more than halfway there. The future looks sweet for this young and bright-eyed pop phenom who just keeps writing hits with catchy lyrics that speak directly to everyday life with poise, clarity, and a sentimental touch. Jennafer Lynsey is showing the world that dreams really can come true, one song at a time.

The lights come on, we’re sitting all alone now
Our friends are gone, don’t wanna go home now
Every night has its end
But I feel like I’ll see you again

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