Indie Rockers from Sydney Return With Nostalgic new Single. - Josh Orange: Her Beautiful Ways
posted 14 Feb 2022 by Krister Axel
Let us never forget to cherish the company of friends and the luxury of physical connection.

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Josh Orange is a four-piece indie rock band based in Sydney. Lead singer and songwriter Gordon Burke is originally from Dublin, and adds a bit of Irish grit to their brand of music that covers the distance between folk and rock. On their first new track since the release of 2021 album "Midnight Lights," they left the acoustic guitar in its case to focus on a powerful mix of rhythmic electric guitar, atmospheric riffs, and a booming drum kit.

"Her Beautiful Ways" reminisces of a treasured past, combining images of childhood life-lessons with a poetic sense of determination and resilience. This dreamy mid-tempo retrospective is wistful and upbeat as it traces back through the decades to a summer that lives on in memory—as we relive, together, the joyous synergy of love, community, and the happenstance of youth. Josh Orange delivers a beautiful and effervescent reminder that the best moments of life might just be happening right now. Let us never forget to cherish the company of friends and the luxury of physical connection.

The river was rising
Above my head
Memories firing
I remember what my mother said
You gotta stand with your shoulders back
And walk with your head straight
No matter if it's raining down
On everything you're fighting for

Josh Orange are proud to have won a rock category prize in 2015’s The Great American Song Contest. Josh Orange are distributed through Believe Music inc.

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