Introspective Alt Pop from Seattle. - Kody Ryan: Stay
posted 29 Feb 2020 by Krister Axel
Offers an intimate look at the realities of existential solitude.

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Kody Ryan drops an introspective track about the experiences he has had with feelings of abandonment, and the struggle to keep hold of his faith in the face of mounting pressure from life and circumstance. "Stay" combines elements of indie, lo-fi, and grunge rock to paint a backdrop of deep self-criticism and hard-won personal catharsis.

As a producer, vocalist, and songwriter, Seattle-born Kody Ryan's focus is not on following current trends; instead, he makes music that tells an honest story of heartbreak and personal vulnerability. "Stay" is a melancholic alt-pop exploration of the need for companionship. With a mix of clean tones and a sparse groove that leads to an overdriven, screaming guitar solo, this song traverses the entire range of emotional self-examination. From a call for help, and a compulsion to numb the pain, to a realization that love and compromise are inextricably linked, this genre-bending pop offering from Kody Ryan offers an intimate look at the realities of existential solitude.

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