Los Angeles Musician and Filmmaker Mixes Synth Pop with Japanese Ambient. - Kowloon: A Thousand Pictures
posted 07 Aug 2022 by Krister Axel
Pairs fuzzy synth lines with undulating groove in a nod to the Pacific coastline.

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Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California who blends vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with a retro-classic sensibility that is equally likely to remind you of The Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel as it is Broken Bells or Grizzly Bear. His latest release "A Thousand Pictures" mixes a playful, Eastern-inspired melody with elements of analog 80s Pop and a slow-funk electric bass. The result is a sizzling, mid tempo romp that pairs fuzzy synth lines with undulating groove in a nod to the Pacific coastline, filtered through the industrial haze of his home studio on the outskirts of the city.

A full-length release from last year entitled "Come Over" from Kowloon created enormous momentum in the Indie Pop community: 35 minutes of danceable love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe. Kowloon's deeply heartfelt and polished songs are filled with anxious, dread-filled lyrics: as timely as they are post-apocalyptic. In this context, "A Thousand Pictures" strikes a decidedly resilient and ultimately hopeful tone—finding solace in the vast and timeless reservoir of natural beauty that yet pervades our world when we simply go looking for it. With a mix of poignant emotion, wistfulness, and 'found object' musicality, Kowloon crafts electronic music for the ages. His songs are painfully aware of present-day complications without being dogmatic: his music flows without judgement between a known past and an uncertain future, providing a bridge between the synth-laden pop landscape of the 80's and a dizzying modern array of stylistic hybridizations.

i find it so damn hard
the hours pass by with no regard
i find it so damn hard
you're a child for but a minute
then it breaks your heart

i found an ocean that no one knows
where i watch you swimming
from a place on the coast
when the night breaks
and the moon has shone
i’ll join you in the water
we can find our way home

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