KREPT & KONAN - I Spy ft. Headie One, K-Trap
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posted 17 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Dropping some truth about what happens when you can have anything you want.

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If you want to hear what is going on with UK rap these days, KREPT & KONAN is a decent place to start. Their latest track I Spy, which features a collaboration with Headie One and K-Trap, is a classic iteration of the proven mojo - from Dior, to Fendi - the ladies, and the trappings of luxury and excess. Here, the language pulls no punches, and the images all reinforce the notion of modern hedonism, which in turn runs cover for a deeper message about artistic freedom.

Between the dance moves, the sizzling synth-bass track, the thick chains, and the hotties everywhere you look, it is no wonder that just in the week after it premiered, this video was streamed almost 2 million times. From elements of UK drill and grime we see the continuous evolution of gangster rap, by way of the tropical origins of British hip hop. KREPT & KONAN are in top form, and the result is a luscious combination of high-end props, deep beats, and a few of the top names in UK rap today, dropping some truth about what happens when you can have anything you want.

This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.

Music Director - WOWA
Production Company - Lola & Lola Ltd
Audio Producer - Bkay

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