Exciting Indie Folk Debut from Eugene, Oregon. - Last Year's Man: Brave the Storm (feat. Anna Tivel)
posted 02 Dec 2020 by Krister Axel
Combines an endearing folk sensibility with the sonic magic that can only come from years of hard work.

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Last Year’s Man is the pseudonym of Eugene, Oregon based producer and songwriter, Tyler Fortier. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Fortier’s music has been featured on networks like CBS, Netflix, Showtime, and the BBC, and he has contributed music to libraries from Warner Chappell, BMG, and Marmoset. As a producer, Fortier is passionate about working with up-and-coming artists like Jeffrey Martin, Anna Tivel, Beth Wood, and Jeff Crosby - just to name a few. In total, Fortier has been involved with over 40 projects as producer, mix engineer, or session player, and "Brave the Storm" is the title track to his excellent debut release in 2020.

Featuring an organic mix of elements that includes acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer, violin, and the heavenly vocal stylings of fellow Oregonian Anna Tivel, my personal touchstone for this track is a cross between Jackson Browne and The Paper Kites, with a pleasantly husky vocal register and a subtle vibrato that feels both effortless and endearing.

I know there’s nothing I can say
That you haven’t heard

An impressive and enduring dedication to the craft of songwriting combines natural tones with the absence of pretentiousness to create an odyssey of personal fulfillment for Fortier. The sound of "Brave the Storm" is flush with warm, sparkling acoustic guitar, beautiful melodies, and a lyrical journey that feels both fresh and familiar. This inviting track combines an effortless folk sensibility with the sonic magic that can only come from years of hard work. As songwriter, singer, and producer, Fortier continues to evolve as a triple-threat in the same roots-friendly region of Oregon that nurtured the careers of classic folk heavyweights as Elliott Smith, The Decemberists, and Blind Pilot.

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