Riveting Chamber Pop from France. - Lauren Auder: Meek (Music Video)
posted 02 Mar 2020 by Krister Axel
A quintessentially-modern elevation of casual sexuality and personal mystery into a masterpiece of intriguing chamber pop.

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Lauren Auder is a singer-songwriter from Albi, a small town near Toulouse in Southwestern France. Their songs explore themes of love, pain, and existential angst. Directed by Will Reid, "meek" is an intimate showcase of Auder's rich, emotional lyricism, with visuals that focus on a heart-wrenching vocal performance and a colorful sense of style.

Auder's new EP "two caves in" is out March 5th via True Panther and Harvest Records, and follows up on the debut 2018 EP "Who Carry's You." New single "meek" arrives ahead of Lauren's upcoming headlining European tour: they are set to perform in London, Berlin, Paris and more. These dates follow Lauren's past international tours with Christine & The Queens and Amen Dunes. A wide range of musical influences - from pop, hip-hop, and post-rock to classical music - informs this quintessentially-modern elevation of casual sexuality and personal mystery, resulting in a masterpiece of intriguing chamber pop.

I know that you’re weary
Time’s made you afraid
We go around in circles
It’s just stories we play out
The serpent still haunts you
You still miss our lambs

Auder's riveting sense for gender-agnostic fashion has found them working for Gucci, and as the face of Heidi Slimane's debut collection for Celine in 2018. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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